Does using the service or posting vacancies in this e-platform require any charge?


No. All services provided by this website are free of charge.


What is the minimum academic requirement for vacancies posted on this e-platform?


Bachelor’s degree or above.


How is this e-platform different from Interactive Employment Service website, which is also supported by the Labour Department?


HEEIP is dedicated to enhancing employment support to job seekers with higher education, in particular Hong Kong students who are educated in overseas tertiary institutes, the second generation of Hong Kong emigrants who are interested in working in Hong Kong, as well as persons from overseas with higher academic/ professional qualifications. Local job seekers who are degree holders can also use this e-platform. As regards iES, it is for all job seekers regardless of education level and qualifications.


Do I have to register to use the services of this e-platform?


No registration is required. Contact and application methods are listed in job details. You may apply to employers for suitable vacancies direct.


I am not a Hong Kong resident. Can I work in Hong Kong?


People who do not have the right of abode or right to land in Hong Kong have to apply for working visa or entry permit before they can come to Hong Kong for employment. For information about visa application for employment in Hong Kong, please refer to “Employment Information” of this e-platform or visit the website of the Immigration Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (HKSARG) at http://www.immd.gov.hk. If you have further enquiry, you may contact the Immigration Department via enquiry@immd.gov.hk.


What is the difference between “Featured Jobs” and “Jobs”?


“Featured Jobs” are selected vacancies from “Jobs”, with company/organization background information displayed to facilitate job search. Both of them require candidates as degree holders.


How do I search for jobs?


“Featured Jobs”
Enter the page by clicking "Featured Jobs" tab at the top or the bottom image of "Featured Jobs" on Home page. Choose your search criteria, i.e. Post Date or/and Salary or/and type keyword(s) that describe your desired jobs and press "Search" button.
Enter the page by clicking "Jobs" tab at the top or the bottom image on home page. Choose your search criteria, like Job Type, Industry, Post Date, Salary, Employment Terms, Working Location or/and type keyword(s) that describe your desired jobs and press "Search" button.


What can I do if there is no vacancy meeting my search criteria?


Please reset to broaden your search criteria.


How can I apply for vacancies?


Contact and application methods are listed in job details. You may apply to employers for suitable vacancies direct.


Can I send my CV to this e-platform for job referral or job matching arrangements?


This e-platform does not store job seekers’ personal information, including CV, and thus job referral or job matching will not be arranged. Contact and application methods are listed in job details, job seekers may apply to relevant employers for suitable vacancies direct. Please do not send any CVs to this website.


How often are vacancies updated?


During office hours of every working day, vacancy information will be updated every now and then.


Can I save and print the job vacancy details?


Yes, both “save to PDF” and “print” functions are available on each vacancy detail page.


What should I do if, during interview, the employer makes unreasonable request or the employment terms and conditions offered are different from the vacancy information displayed on this e-platform?


Job seekers should inform our staff by email to admin@hee.gov.hk as soon as possible for taking follow-up action. Job cards on this e-platform only display key information of job vacancies provided by the employers. When applying for jobs and attending job interviews, you should get detailed information from the employer concerned on the scope of responsibilities, entry requirements, terms of employment (including method of calculating wages, wage period, rest day arrangements, etc.) and other fringe benefits of the posts concerned so as to make the best decision. You should pay attention to the employment terms and conditions when considering whether to accept the employment offer. You are also advised to consult your family members/friends or the Labour Department if there are any terms unclear or unfavourable to you.


If I find that a vacancy being displayed has already been filled, do I need to inform the Labour Department?


Yes. We actively follow up with employers on the vacancy status and keep the vacancy information up-to-date. However, some employers may not promptly inform us of changes on vacancy information due to various reasons.
To help us keep the vacancy information updated, please inform us if you find any vacancy has already been filled or any change in vacancy information, so that we can follow up accordingly.


I am a healthcare professional with qualifications obtained from overseas institutions. Are there any registration procedures for working in Hong Kong in the field?


Under existing legislation, specified healthcare professionals are required to be registered with their respective boards or councils before they are allowed to practise in Hong Kong. Lists of the registered healthcare professionals are provided on the respective Board’s or Council’s website, where available, vide the weblink below:


How can I apply to work in Hong Kong under Working Holiday Scheme?


Under the arrangements of the Working Holiday Scheme, eligible applicants may take up short-term employment and/or enrol in a short study or training course while they are on holiday in Hong Kong. For details of quota, eligibility criteria and application procedures, please visit the dedicated webpage of Immigration Department of the HKSARG at http://www.immd.gov.hk/eng/services/visas/working_holiday_scheme.html.


What kind of vacancies can I post on this e-platform?


In general, vacancies which require candidates with education level at bachelor’s degree or above can be posted on this e-platform.


How can I post vacancies as “Featured Jobs” on this e-platform?


Employers who would like to post vacancies as “Featured Jobs” on this e-platform, please send your contact means by email to jobs@hee.gov.hk or contact us at (852)3427 8155, we will contact you soon.


Is there a ceiling of number of vacancies placed on this e-platform?


Each employer can place no more than 30 vacancy orders in a calendar month on this e-platform.


How long will my vacancy be posted on this e-platform?


Each vacancy order will be posted for 1 month. If there is any change to the terms or the vacancy is filled during the one-month period, please let us know as soon as possible.