Social Worker 5
  • 負責為服務使用者提供個案輔導服務, 員工督導及訓練, 家屬支援溝通, 服務推廣及協調使用者的專業治療等工作
  • Bachelor's degree
  • 2-year work experience
  • Fluent Cantonese ; Fair English
  • Able to read & write Chinese ; Able to read & write simple English
  • Registered Social Worker
  • 具復康服務經驗優先, 持認可社會工作學士學位
$29,530 per month or above (depends on experience), with Annual Leave 18 days, Medical Allowance and Meal Allowance
Employment Terms
  • Mon to Sat: 8:45AM-5:33PM or 12:12PM-9:00PM, 5 working days per week, on shift
Working Location
How to Apply

Job seekers may contact MS PO of PO LEUNG KUK POKFULAM REHABILITATION CENTRE at 25513302.


Company Introduction

Job seekers may click here for more information and advice
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