Manager/ Manageress
  • 負責招募人才,一般行政工作,面見準入職流程,處理入職者的合約文件
  • Bachelor's degree
  • 1-year work experience
  • Fair Cantonese ; Fluent Putonghua preferred; Fair English
  • Able to read & write simple Chinese ; Able to read & write simple English
  • 有金融和管理人員經驗,積極,能拓展團隊
$25,000 - $30,000 per month, with Bank Holiday and Year-end Bonus
Employment Terms
  • Mon to Fri: 9:30AM-6:00PM, 5 working days per week
Working Location
Quarry Bay
How to Apply

Job seekers may e-mail( resume to 易達公司. To obtain a copy of Personal Information Collection Statement, please contact MISS JANICE LI by Email.


Job seekers may click here for more information and advice
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