Administrative Assistant
  • 協助公司日常運作, 文書處理, 包括校對有關資理, 櫃台服務
  • Bachelor's degree
  • 2-year work experience
  • Fluent Cantonese ; Fair Putonghua ; Fluent English
  • Able to read & write Chinese ; Able to read & write English
  • Word-processing; MS Word; MS Excel; Changjie / Simplified Changjie input method
  • 需具備良好的工作態度, 能獨立工作, 亦需有團隊合作精神
$12,000 - $18,000 per month, with Bank Holiday, Overtime Allowance, Meal Allowance and Discretionary Bonus
Employment Terms
  • Mon to Sat: 8:45AM-7:00PM, 6 working days per week, 9 working hours per day
Working Location
Kwun Tong
How to Apply

Job seekers may contact MISS KWONG of HYBRID SYNERGY CAR SERVICES LIMITED at 29977551.


Job seekers may click here for more information and advice
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