Note for Job Seekers:

  • Contact and application methods are displayed in the jobs details. Job seekers may apply to employers for suitable vacancies direct.
  • Some of the job vacancy information may have been translated into English by this Department and should be taken as reference only. Jobs that require the ability to read Chinese may have certain information displayed in Chinese characters. If in doubt, or if you would like to understand the vacancy information in English in full, please send email to or contact us at (852) 3427 8155. Besides, you may also contact the employer direct with the contact method displayed in the jobs details.
  • When employers and employment agencies submit the vacancy order forms for their posts under recruitment, they have made declarations of compliance with requirements of the Minimum Wage Ordinance, that wages payable to employee(s) of these posts, in respect of any wage period should be no less than the Statutory Minimum Wage (SMW), where the Ordinance is applicable.
  • The job card only displays key information of the job vacancy provided by the employer. When applying for jobs and attending job interviews, job seekers should get detailed information from the employer concerned on the scope of responsibilities, entry requirements, terms of employment (including method of calculating wages, wage period and rest day arrangements, etc) and other fringe benefits of the posts concerned so as to make the best decision.
  • Before accepting an employment offer, you should know the identity of the employer. For details, please refer to “Keeping Proper Employment Records - Reference for Employees”.
  • Beware of employment traps. If you come across any dubious practices when applying for a job, please inform us immediately by email to or contacting us at (852) 3427 8155. Please click here for further information on beware of employment traps.