Mar 31, 2017

Allied Health Professionals in Hong Kong

To ensure the healthy and sustainable development of Hong Kong’s healthcare system, we need more qualified allied health professionals to join the healthcare workforce in Hong Kong. While locally-trained allied health professionals should, in general, be the major source of supply, they should be complemented by qualified non-locally trained allied health professionals to address gap in service demand as well as enhance the cultural diversity and international perspective of our healthcare workforce. For topical highlights on allied health professionals, please click here.

Dec 20, 2016

Higher Education Employment Information e-Platform

To strengthen employment support for persons with higher education, in particular Hong Kong students who were educated in tertiary institutes outside Hong Kong, the second generation of Hong Kong emigrants who are interested in working in Hong Kong, as well as persons from overseas with higher academic/professional qualifications, the Labour Department launched this dedicated employment information e-platform named “Higher Education Employment Information e-Platform” on 20 December 2016. This e-platform aims to enhance their understanding of the Hong Kong employment market as well as search and apply for suitable job openings through this e-platform. We welcome job seekers who are degree holders to use this e-platform.